EXOS Pin bone remover / ピンボーンリムーバー

(株)松けんは、EXOS社のアジア圏における正規輸入販売代理店です。MATSUKEN Co.Ltd. We are an authorized distributor in the Asian region of EXOS.


The belt type automatic pinbone remover has a large width of rotor, which is a boning mechanism, so it causes big loss to fillets and reduces the yield. Also, it can not cope with various bone angles. If you are a handy type EXOS Pinbone remover, you can eliminate these.




All Pin bone removers from Exos gives you more speed, yield and efficiency.

We supply a full range of professional equipment with unique features:

 モーター駆動                             -圧縮空気の必要性無し

衛生的                                           -たまりの少ない滑らかなデザイン

人間工学的なハンドル         -暖かく、操作性を向上

容易なクリーニング              -分解のために必要な用具無し

Electric motor                - No need for compressed air
Hygienic                         - Smooth design with no pockets
Ergonomic handle       - Makes for warm and cosy operation
Easy cleaning                 - No tools needed for disassembly


 EXOS社 Website  http://www.exos.se/

EXOS 130 Series

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EXOS 221 Series

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